Craig McLean


Craig McLean is a journalist, editor and ghostwriter. He’s a contributor to The Saturday Telegraph Magazine, The Observer Magazine, The Times, Evening Standard, Radio Times, BA High Life and, pretty much, anyone else who’ll have him. #freelancerealpolitik

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    “The loss and the pain, you learn to live with it"

    20th Oct 2017

    Actor Jason Watkins lost his daughter aged two-and-a-half. He believes in sharing his story…

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    Inside Story: Surviving Terrorism

    12th Oct 2017

    15 years ago today, al-Qaeda bombs killed 202 in Bali. We talk to a "lucky" survivor...

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    Died and Gone to Heaven #1: Liam Gallagher

    6th Oct 2017

    An occasional series in which a public figure contemplates their funeral wishes.

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    The Rhinestone Cowboy says "Adiós"

    5th Jul 2017

    Meeting Glen Campbell and his family to discuss Alzheimer’s, love and a farewell album